While we take every day conscious of the impact of our lifestyle on the environment, global warming and the renewal of resources; wood, abundant raw material, renewable, recyclable and natural, seizes all strata of the construction industry. In its natural state, it absorbs the CO2 present in the atmosphere, traps it for a while through the process of photosynthesis and rejects at it during decomposition. If the tree is cut and transformed, it holds back the carbon in the rafters, walls, siding, or even the floor (about 15 to 18 t for 100 m2), as long as it is used. The omnipresence of wood supply on our territories makes its operation and its implementation truly economical in grey energy.

As sustainable development is based on the respect for the environment, the economy of resources and the awareness of everyone in this green revolution, Faverde SA undertake to implement these promises to build a better future for the future generations. Both engineering and specialized business, we are located at the intersection of different businesses. Faverde SA strives to bring innovative solutions to address the critical issues of sustainable architecture. The evolution of standards and expectations in terms of energy saving inspires us to develop our techniques to offer high-performance products on the constructive, thermal, and acoustic level.

Faverde SA was born in 2012 through an encounter between two lovers. Acalovic Stepan is an architect by training; first the Technical Director of exports of a manufacturer of wood framing, he is a reference technique and innovation for products developed by Faverde SA. Fréry Jérôme is specialized in the trade of recyclable commodities; he is in charge of the management and the finances of the company. They share their knowledge within Faverde SA. These cross-skills are used in each project. They are still being investigated into and technological choices to make buildings autonomous, even 'positive' on the energy level.