Our technical research department supervises you at every stage of the design of your projects. The Faverde SA team is composed of architects, designers, engineers in wood construction, specialists in energy and the environment as well as economists: tuned technicians who let you take advantage of their know-how to develop tailor-made responses. Together, they anticipate the normative requirements of tomorrow. From the preliminary design to the application phase, our services extend to various fields that it is essential to put into perspective. As part of consulting, we offer to test the feasibility of your project, as we take into account all the requirements related to the needs of the building, the objectives and the framework conditions that allow access to the different Minergie labels (P, A, Eco), that we are facing to your technical and economic possibilities.

Among the services offered by the engineering office, we have a constructive solution adapted to your needs and a static pre-sizing including the definition of anti-seismic measures. When we undertake your project from the design phase, the thickness of our walls to wooden framework guarantees you a 10% gain of surface throughout the realization (which is 10 m2 to 100 m2 construction: the size of a room). We guarantee then the invention of details tailored to your project requirements. We develop effective energy concepts and promise controls related to thermal insulation and the clearance for the various certifications. In terms of fire protection, we support you in the development of custom fire protection and fire control plans. Finally, the concept of assembly and logistics management (delivery and construction) are studied in order to optimize the use of the materials and time. When the project is defined our technicians and engineers ensure the monitoring of execution of the work, technical studies to the delivery of the work and assurance.