The innovative concept developed by Faverde SA can save valuable time on site. These boxes are complete modules, fully equipped and ready for assembly. The plans are fixed upstream with our engineering department. In addition to a varied panel of second-work products (floors, paintings, tiles, wall coverings, etc.), you can order a set of accomplished finishing such as toilets, lights, the choice of linings, finishing of the kitchen etc.

The order is subject to a quality control before leaving the factory. The set is delivered by us in a single day to limit the difficulties of organization of the site. Assembly in-situ is achieved in a few hours. It promotes a reduction of nuisances to the neighborhood, and increases the financial profitability of the project. It just remains to make the connections to the networks. Easily transportable and recyclable, BOXVERDE is an ecological concept with limited carbon footprints. The use of quality materials, thermal comfort and control of the sealing, allow it to get the best labels of MINERGIE: P/A /ECO.

Our customers seek us for perennial installations (series habitat, extension, elevation) or ephemeral such as sports or cultural events, gatherings that require access to accommodation or sanitaries. International organizations can also apply to us to build urgent boxes of habitat in case of natural disaster.