Hybrid construction consists in combining several methods to take advantage of the technical properties of each. We can therefore consider achieving a classical masonry structure or concrete, that will be associated with a wooden framework for the envelope and roofing. Our know-how treats links between different modes of construction, especially for the descent of loads, but also for sealing against air and water, and the areas of constructive nodes that can cause thermal bridges.

Faverde SA undertakes on the timeliness of the execution of the sites: when the support slab is dry, our team can begin laying our prefabricated elements, with a crane or a rolling forklift. It takes only 30 minutes to put up a vertical panel and the masonry company can simultaneously continue its work of formwork for the upper slab.

Our coated walls thus apply to architects, general contractors and companies specializing in the implementation of the concrete. Applications are multiple; our products perfectly adapt to many situations. The finishes of the outer coating are varied. The thickness of the walls is adapted according to the regulations and current thermal requirements, but also depending on the destination of the building. Our prefabricated walls include electricity, insulation, wall coverings and exterior joinery. This trim level represents a real gain of living space and time for the general contractor. The final work is lighter, and foundations to provide are thus less substantial.