Already widely proven, this solution consists in the assembly of dressed items of bracing panels derived from wood, which form boxes and ensure the stability of the structure. To build these modules, amounts are assembled to pieces of horizontal wood, partially high, low and median (Rails, sleepers and spacers). Each cell formed thus is filled with insulation (mineral fiber, cellulose or wood) to complete thermal inertia.

Faverde SA manufactures its own external and internal walls, finished in the workshop, and offers a wide choice of flooring, joinery, type of insulation and dubbing. Thus, the inner skin consists of Fermacell® plates, dubbed to a vapor barrier for air tightness; the outdoor clothing can be made out of wood, brick, or plaster of bricked, separated from the wall framing by a rain seal for resistance against water and by a frame of ventilated air. These walls, pre-assembled at the factory, receive an electric pre-cladding and outdoor joinery.

We also design floors, and roofs with different coatings. Thanks to the standardization of the wood components, frames, assemblies and execution details, the light framing has become a simple and safe construction method, benefiting from very short production time in the workshop. This constructive system has many advantages including flexibility, multiple architectural expression and competitive prices.