Faverde SA applies to diverse areas

We respond to requests for architects (for private), general business, but also to those in the public markets so that we are able to achieve erections of various scales, from the individual house to the building of multifamily housing, or even institutions receiving the public.

Respect for the quality of life

For each order, we ensure that the achievement offers a real quality of life to its future inhabitants; also we always deliver bright, ergonomic and comfortable spaces.

Constructs buildings adapted to the public service

Faverde SA also constructs buildings adapted to the public service and is committed to implement qualified constructive complete details, designed and made by an engineering office and a workshop. We offer patterns of architectural expression differentiated, adapted to the expectations of a program and its context.

Transformation of your house

They also carry out transformations for the restructuring or the extension of existing assets, taking care of the liaison between the wood framing and the original construction, and ensuring an exemplary speed of execution.

Limit the environmental impact

Our teams intervene in raisings and then propose a light structure to limit or even prevent recovery in underpinning; they participate in hybrid constructions whose strong points are the statics, acoustics and fire protection.

Our guarantees

We guarantee the use of ecological processes, thermal performances and high acoustics, for a reasonable final cost.